Freefoil Carbone 112 - 132 Exocet Windsurfboard
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Freefoil Carbone 112 - 132 Exocet Windsurfboard

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Boards dedicated for Windfoil Freeride-Freemove practice.

The Freefoil are the new range of Exocet windfoil boards.

They represent all the spirit of a windsurfing foil practice free of any constraint, to fly easily with light equipment, to stroll on the water, to chain the maneuvers, whatever its level and the conditions.

They are particularly suitable for sailing of moderate size, without camber.

Exists in two models : 112 / 132


The FREEFOILS have a dedicated shape, oriented for friendly and quick access to foiling, amazing flight comfort and great in manoeuvre.

The deck shape feature a slight more curve vs the RF line, allowing the sailor to use the additional potential of the mast at low speed, adapted to a freeride practice for all body weight and free cam sails.

Volume Length Width Weight Fin Box Sails range
Freefoil 112 112 Litres 210 cm 76 cm TBC Not included Deep Tuttle Box (Foil Compatible) 4.0 - 7.0 m2
Freefoil 132 132 Litres 210 cm 86 cm TBC Not included Deep Tuttle Box (Foil Compatible)
4.5 - 8.0 m2


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