RS 380 V 2019 PRO Exocet Windsurfboard
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RS 380 V 2019 PRO Exocet Windsurfboard

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  • Hersteller: Exocet
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Ideal in race conditions with upwind abilities and as well for recreational sailing.
The raceboard RS 380 V is the ultimate evolution of the RS 380 IV.
We improved the shape by adding flaps on the tail to increase the planing surface, and make the board more effective in marginal conditions and upwind.
• Dedicated bottom for maximum speed in low wind conditions.
• Dagger board made of upscale sandwich construction.
• 8 Race footstraps
• adjustable side plates
• new sandwich Dagger board
• 1 CNC G10 fin
• adjustable mast track
• Molded semi-custom
• Custom finish
• CARBON Version: Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 80 kg/m3PVC deck and bottom, multiple structural reinforcement on the rail

Volume Longueur Largeur Poids Aileron Boitier Tailles de voile
RS 380 V 311 Litres 380 cm 65 cm 14.7 kgs (+/- 6%) Exocet 52cm G10 + 
Dérive 85 cm
Tuttle Box 6.5 - 9.5 m2

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