Unifiber Baseplate Tendon Joint Pro
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Unifiber Baseplate Tendon Joint Pro "universal pin"

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Baseplate Tendon Joint Pro (U-Pin)

A high-quality metal tendon joint for superb power delivery and durability.

Pros & Cons

  • Moulded U-pin solution more robust than M8 thread
  • Lower height than other designs helps keep sail's center-of-effort lower (minor effect)
  • Easy to replace Tendon Joint
    • Less shock absorption than Power Joint or Boge Joint options


    Windsurf Baseplate Specifications

    Compare Product Safety Measure Type of Joint U-Pin Construction Baseplate Height Weight (kg)

    Baseplate Tendon Joint Pro (U-Pin)

    Dyneema Rope


    Fully Integrated

    74 mm

    0.295 kg

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